Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

with Helen Bicknell

Otro mundo es posible. Another world is possible.

A phrase I repeat everyday here in Rhiannon, when the world at large doesn’t seem to care about climate change, when millions of people continue to be displaced, or seek to migrate looking for better working and living conditions, and countries in the north build higher walls and bigger detention centres. When my children tell me there’ll soon be more plastic in the sea than fish, and I question what kind of world my children are going to inherit.


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Otro mundo es posible. What can we all do to make that come true? What am I doing? What are my goals and dreams?
I think Rhiannon has always been and continues to be a place where people are pushed to ask themselves those questions, and hopefully are inspired to see themselves as agents of change in the world, wherever they go on to after volunteering with us.

There are days its hard to remain positive and other days when it floods back to you. On January 2nd we were privileged to receive baby Eli, born here at Rhiannon accompanied by drumming and singing round the bonfire. What a beautiful way to enter the world, far from bright hospital lights and the often-unnecessary doctor intervention. That’s part of the other world I want to help create. What a beautiful gift to welcome in the new year. May it be a year of growing community.

On that note we’ve chosen to revive our blog! And to reactivate it as a space for sharing and strengthening the global Rhiannon community. I also want to introduce Rox! She is with us for a year placement (she arrived in August), as part of the Alegro organization which organize cross cultural placements for Germans here in Ecuador and also Ecuadorians in Germany (pushing back against the norm of only north to south volunteering). She has been a fantastic new addition to Rhiannon and I know she will be posting here!

As I posted the other day, 15 years in (and 2 kids and a new partner) and I’m still here, planting trees! It’s the positive feedback from people who have passed through this beautiful project that helps me to keep on going. And its my dream for this year that some more people will choose to build their lives here, and maybe raise their children here, and lead this project on to its next and beautiful chapter.

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    Me encanta! Que así sea!

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