Work 5 hours a day in the garden or on bio-construction projects. Cook and share meals with other volunteers from around the world.


Learn to cook and eat healthy vegan food.


Our children are free and enjoy playing outside. We find they are great teachers!!

Experience the beauty of alternative living

Spirituality & Healing

Experience a variety of spiritual practices from reiki and massage to & traditional medicine ceremonies and sweat lodges.

Permaculture & Sustainability

We try to be an education centre and demonstrate a sustainable way of living. Practice organic farming and permaculture.

Simple Living

Live simply in connection with Mother Earth.

Live, work, cook, eat, play

together in community

with other beautiful souls from all over the world!


COVID-19 has affected all of us and made us value our health more than ever. If there was ever a time to live and work close to nature we believe it’s now. It is a good time to come together and prove that ‘another world is possible’. There is a lot to learn from each other and our current situation as human beings in relation to our environment, Rhiannon tries to be an example of another way to live. If you are in need of a change, interested in getting away from the city and being able to walk around mask free in 15 beautiful hectares of the Andes, perhaps volunteering with us is a good option for you. At Rhiannon we try to keep life simple; enjoy growing our own vegetables, cooking vegetarian food, taking care of our animals and the silence of the mountain. Living in community at this time requires not only being responsible for yourself, but also for the health of those you live with. We are required to communicate more effectively, be more honest and respect not only our limits and boundaries, but consider those we live with too. Whilst acknowledging that we are living during a pandemic we believe it is important to maintain a positive attitude, enjoy life and live without fear. We hope you will join us.

Rhiannon’s response to COVID-19 is to try to find balance and respond appropriately to updated, current information available at any given time. However, we simply ask you not to visit or volunteer at Rhiannon if you are sick, whether you have cold or flu like symptoms, digestive complaints or any other. If you have at any point tested positive for COVID-19 or have had direct contact with someone who has, please ensure you have a negative test result before coming to see us. If you are volunteering with us then together as a group we will try to find consensus on the most appropriate protocol and restrictions necessary at the time. Examples would be deciding as a group not to go to places that are high risk such as Quito on free days, only taking taxi’s rather than buses, staying at the farm and not leaving at all for some time. If necessary the custodians will make final decisions regarding the safety and well-being of the community. Wishing for much health, peace and joy in these difficult times.

What seems like very little to you would be very helpful to us. We invite you to help us continue to grow. Thank you!

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