If you are planning to stay for more than a week with us we encourage you to become a volunteer


Minimum stay of 2 weeks.

You receive 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a day, including on your days off. We request a financial contribution of between $40 and $150 for your stay of 2 weeks to 1 month (depending on your financial situation) to help towards expenses.

We ask new volunteers to arrive on the 1st or 15th of the month.

Stays of longer than 1 month are encouraged (but cannot be guaranteed). At the end of the first month we can discuss and agree on an individual basis.

Different arrangements for long stay volunteers can be discussed after at least 3 months of living at the community.

Before you come...

Food: We provide 3 meals a day but not snacks for break time. There is a small honesty shop at the farm selling peanuts, raisins, chocolates, beer, wine, coffee, peanut butter, but you might like to bring bread, avocadoes, tea bags etc.

Clothes: It gets cold at nights. We provide blankets but be sure you bring enough warm clothes for sleeping. We have plenty of gumboots you can borrow for work. Bring sun cream, we live on the equator.

Soaps/Shampoos: The waste water from the bathroom and laundry area goes to a small garden. Please bring only natural soaps and shampoos.

Disposable Items: We try to minimise waste and ask you to minimise bringing: plastic bottles, plastic packaging, disposable sanitary towels (we sell moon cups) or disposable diapers, commercial cigarettes (we sell tobacco without filters).

Animals: We have a lot of dogs and cats already. Please don´t bring yours with you, even if its just for a short stay, as it usually leads to dog fights or problems.

Thing you could bring to share!!! Below is a list of things that make people happy, are expensive or hard to get in Ecuador or we get through very quickly. If you want to bring something extra feel free!!

Olive oil, mugs, biro pens, tea bags, coffee, fly strips.


Everyone works for 5 hours per day plus helps to cook and wash up one meal per day
Every day we have daily tasks to do involving care for our animals (donkeys, dogs, cats and chickens), watering the gardens and turning or making compost.
We also have a cleaning schedule to make sure the living spaces stay nice. After the daily tasks the project work normally relates to gardening or construction
Gardening may involve planting, weeding, making organic fertilizers, digging new beds, making swales or reforestation.
Construction may involve earth bag building, adobe work, carpentry or painting.
If people have specific skills such as plumbing or electrical work, we can always improve on our existing systems. In the coming years, we aim to improve our water collection system.


People work 5 days per week and we can give you consecutive days off, but not necessarily the weekend. You can either stay at the farm or go travelling.
Usually we finish work at 1.30 pm and after lunch people have time to themselves. We have a beautiful yoga room with mats for people to do their own practice or share a class with the family. Sometimes we share sacred song nights, heart circles or meditations for those who wish to join in. Nicky offers healing sessions at an extra cost and these can be organized during days off or in the afternoons and evening

We are happy to receive families!

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We have two children, Satya and Arundel, who go to a Montessori school one day per week. The rest of the time they are at Rhiannon and we would love that they grow up with other children around. We have a lot of space for kids to run around and a beautiful children’s playground to share. We would like to encourage more families who want to educate their children in an alternative way to come and volunteer. We have the flexibility to organize volunteer work around the kids and parents can also spend some of their work time doing activities with all the children.

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