We like to receive visitors at Rhiannon. We are happy to give you a tour and lunch for $5 per person or if you want to stay we ask for a donation of $10 per person per night. You won’t be expected to work and can spend your time learning or observing how we operate as a community, take photos and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country side. We are not a hotel or hostel so the maximum time you can stay as a visitor is 2 weeks. After that if you decide to stay longer you would need to decide to be a volunteer.


If you would like to host an event at Rhiannon we are open to groups with similar core values and interests. We do not however rent out the kitchen. We are happy to cook for you and those you bring. We can host groups of up to 50 people for day workshops or seminars. We can host weekend courses of up to 25 people and longer courses for 15 people. We hope in future to be able to host bigger groups for a longer time. Depending on which spaces and what activities are being held affects the prices we charge so please contact us personally to discuss. We would like to offer our space so that everyone feels comfortable economically. We would like to host dance, theatre, art, permaculture, yoga, acro yoga, music, meditation, medicinal ceremonies, vision quest, LGBTI events, children’s days and English language courses to name just a few.

If you want to volunteer, visit or want to organise your event, tell us about it!
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as Comuna de Rhiannon

Malchingui is a small town north east of Quito, close to Guayllabamba, Cochasqui and Lake Mojanda, where you can go for beautiful walks in nature, visit the handicraft market in Otavalo, Jerusalem (the protected forest) and the Equator.

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