Work 5 hours a day in the garden or on bio-construction projects. Cook and share meals with other volunteers from around the world.


Learn to cook and eat healthy vegan food.


Our children are free and enjoy playing outside. We find they are great teachers!!

Experience the beauty of alternative living

Spirituality & Healing

Experience a variety of spiritual practices from reiki and massage to & traditional medicine ceremonies and sweat lodges.

Permaculture & Sustainability

We try to be an education centre and demonstrate a sustainable way of living. Practice organic farming and permaculture.

Simple Living

Live simply in connection with Mother Earth.

Live, work, cook, eat, play

together in community

with other beautiful souls from all over the world!


Events that we offer include Massage, Permaculture, Carpentry, Acro Yoga among others. Contact us or visit us on Facebook “Comuna de Rhiannon” to find out more about upcoming events.

The most uplifting place you can go

About our community

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Another world is possible, experience it for yourself through our site or come and visit us!